for those 55+ years old...Glenn has some new skills!

WE are creating a new website, which will be linked to this one that is all about ASA.  It will explain what that means and how it may affect some of our senior clients and folks who are in the more senior age group handle a situation they have never met before.  I want to stay in my home..but maybe it is too there help?   I want to move but I am not sure where to or what type of home suits my needs now!  My parent/s are not sure what to do next, I want to help but am not sure myself what to do!    This is where Glenn fits in those kind of his own words...

 As a long time real estate professional, I am proud to inform you that I have recently 

acquired new skills. With the population of Canada aging, the old ways of selling will not 
provide the diligence and services that will be needed in coming years. I have been trained 
to deliver an excellence of service to those in the mature and senior markets, and their 
families, who will need special consideration.
I understand the basics of real estate tax planning, estates, capital gains, transition moving 
and for those in need, care facilities, care takers and other related services.
To-day as a Real Estate Professional there is a lot more to listing and selling a home than 
just the paper process. It takes time, it takes consideration of people’s special needs and it 
requires a strong team of experts both within and outside of the real estate field.
We are putting together a compliment of top quality and trusted financial advisors, tax 
consultants, appraisers, handymen, transition managers and many other professionals.
I have learned the advantage to a reverse mortgage with may be a good option for many 
Canadians. I can recommend other methods that can help when funds are needed. All of 
these products can help become the solution to help you stay in your home or find the right
fit for YOU.
There are more than 90,000 Realtors in Canada and less than one per cent have earned the
prestigious Accredited Senior Agent professional designation. I am proud to be in this elite 
group and am looking forward to being of service to you or to those whom you may refer to 
With my continued focus on client based Real Estate, and in addition with our commitment 
to the mature and senior market, I promise that I have the patience and that we can work 
together on with the involvement surrounding this type of business.