Seniors and Isolation, How do you handle it?

Today at the home of a client the need to do more became very apparent.

As a Professional Realtor who works with Seniors I take all the steps to advocate for and to take care of, my clients. But questions sometimes arise  where do I  draw the line on advising and pushing a bit more? 

This lovely lady sits in the same chair for 8-10 hours per day and stares out the same window to a quiet street. A street she has watched for nearly 80 years, yes almost all of her life, she was raised in the house, and later bought the house to raise her family.  A street which in years gone by had many children running up and down, yes she knew every neighbor, their kids, their likes and dislikes and they looked after each other.  But today, and every day of every week now she sits, all the kids are gone, all the neighbors have changed, she can no longer, or at least she no longer goes outside because she might fall! She doesn't drink much water or juice because it means she may have to go more often to the bathroom and that scares her.  And meals, how do you make a meal that is interesting for one? after all she has cooked for her loving husband who has passed many years ago, and her four kids and they only see her from time to time. Oh well, she doesn't do much so what's the point of cooking a meal, a slice of bread, a bowl of soup.  

One of the things I notice is her beautiful smile, Oh you don't see it often but when you do her round face beams, and her eyes sparkle, How did I get her to smile, its easy just start talking and ask about the dogs she had in days gone by,  or her great grandchildren. I did ask her one day if her heart was good, a quick oh yea!  she breaths OK but doesn't move.  What would you do?  Her  family of 4 children, 2 are hours away, one no longer visits, and one visits when she can but has her own family issues.  

What would you suggest?  What can I do?  Where do I learn to deal with this kind of situation?