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What is the cost of NO RESPECT?

Updated Sunday, September 13, 2015  ::  Views (2062)

You know how people often say that a smile is contagious?

 Ever think that RESPECT can be as well?

As I go throught he checkout at my local grocery store the cashier laughts and talks to another employee  about some one who she dislikes and is going to “fix her” while paying very little attention, as she drops my tomato and then tosses it into the bag.

I watch as a worker stands over a senior giving her instructions  on how she should be taking medication while the worker sips on her Tim’s.  

What is this thing called respect, what does it cost, and what does it cost not having it? And better still what does giving respect give you for free? 

Because most of our work is with seniors it is where I notice that so much more can be accomplished with a few simple steps. Simply pay attention to what you are doing the modern term is mindfullness. Put yourself at a level where you can look into their face, that way you know they can look into your face. Do you know why that is important? There are a number of natural changes that take place as we age, learn about what they are and how to turn that understanding into more clients who think you are simply wonderful.  And why do you care about that?

Things to remember; Those boomers and Seniors now make up 50% of the population and they hold over 70% of the wealth. By 2031we are told the number of folks over 65 will double, and guess who still holds the wealth?  Older adults like to chat, they like to tell others about their great experiences, and the bad. Do they deserve your respect? Respect according to Google ; a feeling of deep admiration for someone elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.  They have the ability to pay you, they are loyal, are usually trusting and trust worthy (qualities)  and they have given to their country, community and family ALL of their lives, giving us education and technology (achievements).

Those who do pay attention will step up, get themselves informed, educated and transform their business into a respected and attentive  topic of discussion around that morning coffee club. If you want to know more about how your business can become part of the Age Friendly Business Alliance or a professional who works directly and wish to become even more knowledgeable not in your profession but in knowing who these people are and what they really thirst for contact us through email, message or call 647 525 4621

BONUS:  next time you meet a senior client be mindful and be respectful, I can assure you, you will act differently, you will see your client differently, and at that magical point, you will see your client respect you as well.  Have a most successful day. 

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