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Downsizing 101

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Downsizing 101
When you are getting ready to move, you will find out how much stuff you have and how little of it you use. Take this opportunity to go through your things. It’s not about discarding things you love, it’s about ensuring that what you take with you will be of use to you. When you do this, you will have more room in your home and less stuff to move
Let’s start with the four P’s of downsizing:
Pitch and recycle
Some things need to be tossed out. This would be things like outdated phone books, magazines and anything that is damaged beyond repair. Be environmentally-friendly and recycle papers, magazines and junk mail. Take paint cans, aerosol cans, outdated smoke alarms and dead batteries to your local hazardous waste disposal centre.
This would be items you don’t want to part with – it is the ‘non-negotiable’. You may not need it right now, but it has a use or purpose and you know you will be using it. An example of what may fit into this category is out-of-season clothing.
This would be things you would use if they were in good repair. This could include electrical gadgets that don’t work, clothes that are missing buttons and chairs with wobbly legs. Put these items aside to be fixed before you move. The rest of the items that are not in good shape and would take a lot to get them useable again, pitch or recycle.
Pass along
Many people find it easier to part with something when they know they can pass it along to someone who can make better use of it. When you know your hobby supplies, collections or books will have another life, enjoyed and appreciated by someone else, it is much easier to let go. Old eye glasses can be dropped off at an optometrist’s office, blankets and towels can be use by veterinarian offices for instance.
My next blog will be about how to get the job done – out with the garbage, purge clothes closets, clear kitchen clutter, return borrowed items and pack decorative items
*Credit to Karen Shinn & Gail Shields, Downsizing Diva, Authors of GO! The Essential Guide to Organizing and Moving
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