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Curbside Marketing, A NEW STANDARD

Updated Friday, February 22, 2013  ::  Views (895)

Cont from last week:

What Curbside marketing can do for you and WHY it works with RE/MAX.
As I said last week the curbside marketing is “so cool”, it creates a full electronic feature sheet that has as much information as we want it to have while you are sitting in your car right in front of the property.  Simply pull out your phone go to text messaging; enter 28888 where the phone number would go, then in the subject line type in the specific number for that property as displayed on our sign. Almost instantly, within seconds yes here it is all that information about the property as if you are sitting at home in front of your computer. No searching no guessing, no extra data downloading, and in the case of RE/MAX it works perfectly on your mobile device. For the QR code you need an app, and we all know the expression, there’s an app for that!! So you go to your app store look for a free app for QR codes and then all you do is scan the code with the phones photo lens and again instant connection to the listing and all of its information.  
 It’s a funny thing but coming from the slower market we have been doing this now for a few years. So with a little slower in our market this just putting up a sign is not going to be sufficient. Buyers want to be able to take the time to investigate what is the best property for them, and We have been using that type of “competitive marketing”. When we list your property we take lots of pictures, we take a video; We think it gives a much better “sense for” or “feeling of” the property. Folks who can visualize things are more interested in going forward; if they get a better visual then they will have a greater tendency to put an offer together.
With the RE/MAX TEXT AND QR code systems not only does a buyer see that property but with the marvel of technology, it allows you to see comparison properties around the area. Is that good you might ask, well I think it is because we know that if we start the marketing process correctly we are going to look good to the competition and also we also know that very few of my competitors do the work to get the exposure through video and multiple photos onto their websites much less through the listing process.
If you want to test drive this system here is what you do:
                        Pull out your mobile unit, Blackberry, iPhone iPad and go to the text page,
Write a text
In the phone number type in               28888
In the subject line type in                    47971
This will amaze you at how easy and quick it works
Next week we will talk about more technology and RE/MAX

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