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Another World

Updated Tuesday, November 27, 2012  ::  Views (953)

One of the things I loved about Wasaga Beach was going grocery shopping knowing that it would be an "outing" and that I would be a while.  Why? Well there would always be someone I knew in the store...probably more than one person and so conversations would pop up in the vegetable isle and then in the meat section and sometimes where the cookies lived.  Even though people are busy on a daily basis there is always a few minutes to chat with folks you know.  I loved that...somehow things were not so hectic and anonymous. In most of the stores, restaurants and businesses I knew people by name and they knew me.....

Brampton is different!  It can be very anonymous...even though there are friendly people I can go to a lot of places and see only strangers...yes I know it takes time to get to know folks but there are so many people!  So much traffic at all hours.....where are they all going?  At the beach there are very few horns honking in traffic...maybe a little more patient or laid - not so much!  I also think in the time I have been away the variety of people living here has increased a lot.  Last time I was here I lived in the area of Heart Lake and Madoc and now we live in downtown Brampton and it is quite different.  A lot of walking happens down here, the sidewalks are busy too.  Even more interesting are the stores and  kinds of stores....I have to tell you about Seasons market, a grocery store in a mall nearby, recommended by the conciege in the building. 

I asked where would she suggest I start for grocery shopping - "oh go to the store at Kennedy and Clarence" she said.....great food and good prices!  If you live here and haven't been there you are missing out on an adventure!   They have regular shopping carts ($1 to detach a cart from the rest of them!) and small pull carts that can go behind you as you shop.  I have never seen such a huge variety of fruits and vegetables in my life!  Names I couldn't pronouce, huge fruits that evidently make a smelly but tasty smoothie, prickly fruit, fruit with flowers on them.  Vegetables were even more exciting, again names I did not recognize and I definitely didn't know what to do with most of it - how to cook it or what recipe it might be used in!   So I came home with a couple of new items,  Passion Fruit.....that sounds like fun and a very large leafed type of spinach.   Seems passion fruit isn't exactly what you might imagine....a lovely orange exterior, somewhat hard but inside......well that looked a lot like frog spawn!  Determined not to let the look put us off we tried it and it tasted wonderful....still not sure if you are supposed to eat the seeds but we crunched away and enjoyed the experience.  The spinach came in little groupings...I decided to go with only the leaves, rinsed an cooked as usual, you know what it tasted very good and will definitely be on the next shopping trip.

I have decided that I could be sad about this new experience but a better way would be to look on it as an adventure and have fun with it.   My first grocery store experience was just adventure and one I will go back for as I am determined to find out about all this food I never knew existed.  Not to mention the black chickens,  the packages of frogs legs, the hooves of cows and so much more in the meat department.....then I went to the fish section.....well!!!!  I never!!!!!

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