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May 2

Sorting Your Treasures!

Blog posted by Carol Southcombe  ::  Views (1807)
    Sorting your Treasures   The emotional aspects of selecting furniture and keepsakes to take to your new home can be overwhelming.  This project should be approached with a clear plan, lots of patience and a sense of humor.  Where do you begin to sort through years... [ more ]
Mar 28

Out with the Garbage!!

Blog posted by Carol Southcombe  ::  Views (1215)
Thank you to our friend Carol Southcombe from Downsizing Diva for this blog..... Getting Started   Out with the garbage With a supply of green garbage bags and sturdy boxes, removing obvious garbage sets the stage for the rest of the downsizing process. One person’s trash is... [ more ]
Feb 12

Downsizing 101

Blog posted by Carol Southcombe  ::  Views (1437)
  Downsizing 101   When you are getting ready to move, you will find out how much stuff you have and how little of it you use. Take this opportunity to go through your things. It’s not about discarding things you love, it’s about ensuring that what you take with you will... [ more ]
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