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Oct 3

The History of Retirement Residences In Brampton On. WHERE IT BEGAN If you enjoy hearing about Brampton history then the story about the development of Woodhall Park Retirement Village will not disappoint you.

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (924)
As part of our information on Local Retirement residences I have asked some of our finest community care givers in established and newer residences to talk about how it all began  Today I want to share the story of Woodhall Park Retirement Village, in the... [ more ]
Oct 18

Senior's Isolation - What can you do? or should YOU?

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (989)
Today at the home of a client the need to do more became very apparent. As a Professional Realtor who works with Seniors I take all the steps to advocate for and to take care of, my clients. But questions sometimes arise  where do I  draw the line... [ more ]
Sep 13

What is the cost of NO RESPECT?

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1980)
You know how people often say that a smile is contagious?  Ever think that RESPECT can be as well? As I go throught he checkout at my local grocery store the cashier laughts and talks to another employee  about some one who she dislikes and is... [ more ]
Jun 10

June Seniors Month, helping congratulate the lifestyle

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1102)
June is Seniors month, a time to honor seniors- their knowledge, experience and the contributions that they make every day in communities across the province. And we have so much to celebrate. With a rapid increase in the number of seniors as the baby boomers... [ more ]
Feb 4

January a great start to the year

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1070)
 From the Toronto Real Estate Board today, the start to the year in sales is active with price increases. It appear that the increase in sales is up by 6.1 % and also the number of new listings is also up, outrunning the sales by an increase of 9.5 percent.... [ more ]
Jan 2

review of 2014 Seniors rights and plans for helping seniors

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1133)
2014 IS BEHIND US, AND THE VISION FOR 2015 IS EXCITING. As we look forward to set our goals and objectives for 2015 it can not be done without a look back at what we have or have not accomplished in 2014. A one word description of 2014 would be enlightening.... [ more ]
Oct 8

October tips on Fall home chores

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1035)
  Check Out the Home inspectors latest newsletter   These are always timely and well written, its worth your while to read this. [ more ]
Aug 18

Lawyer discusses the Market with top Broker

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (2067)
 Mark Weisleder is a lawyer and author and speaks regularly to the real estate industry. In a conversation with Brad Lamb a leading Broker he discovers that the fear in the market is NOT shared by everyone, including Mr Lamb. According to Mr Lamb: 1)... [ more ]
Aug 12

Brampton Realtor advocates for Seniors

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1027)      It's without a doubt that the population is growing older and the challenge is set, How to they survive with so much sense of  entitlement by the younger generation. A Brampton Real... [ more ]
Aug 6

Market Update August 2014

Blog posted by Kim Bowles  ::  Views (1112)
Hi to all of Glenn's Clients Here is an update on some facts for August 2014   The bond rate has continued to inch downwards the past several weeks. 5 year funds are in the high 2% range(2.89-3.04%) range.   Variable rate mortgages are in the... [ more ]
Jul 21

Investing in Real Estate requires Care on Your part too.

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1044)
  Check the condition of your rental investment  By Mark Weisleder  Owning a rental property is not just about collecting the rent on time. It is also about making sure that your property is being properly maintained. If you are not... [ more ]
Jul 20

Where do we go from here?

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1066)
Currently we have made such great headway into the field of helping our Senior Community, now we need your help to let friends, family and others know that for a smooth, stress free transition, contacting us makes life just that much easier, for the senior, for the... [ more ]
Dec 4

November Real Estate Market report, what it means

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1055)
 The November Real Estate Market report: Glenn Cunningham, Broker  Master-ASA “TORONTO, December 4, 2013 – Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 6,391 residential sales through the Toronto MLS system in November, representing a 13.9... [ more ]
Nov 25

Realtor Doesn't Sell Senior's Home!

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1187)
My parents wanted to stay in their home! Of late we have expanded to become a sandwich generation Realtor!  No, you have not heard of that before, I just made it up!  We still work with our young family clients.  However, our journey of transitioning... [ more ]
Oct 15

What is an ASA - Accredited Senior Agent

Blog posted by Glenn Cunningham  ::  Views (1293)
Glenn Cunningham, Broker is now an ASA!!  As a long time real estate professional, I am proud to inform you that I have recently acquired new skills. With the population of Canada aging, the old ways of selling will not  provide the diligence and... [ more ]
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